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MLPs Excess Cash Flow = Distribution Growth

MLP cash flows have been steadily growing over the past two years. Robust cash flow growth has not yet translated into strong distribution growth. Yorkville will examine why we believe this is about to change.


MLPs: What’s Next?

Following an extended period of underperformance for MLPs and midstream companies, Yorkville will explore why MLPs may be poised to outperform.


U.S. Energy Revolution Alive and Well

Following a multi-year downturn in the global energy industry, the U.S. energy revolution is alive and well. U.S. oil and natural gas production levels are hitting all-time highs driven by robust growth in shale. Yorkville will examine the impact of revitalized U.S. energy production and what it means for MLP in 2018 and beyond.


MLPs: Back in Growth Mode

Despite underperformance year-to-date, energy MLPs’ prospects continue to improve. MLP valuations are compelling, debt markets remain supportive, and macro/industry fundamentals suggest an attractive risk/reward for the underappreciated asset class.


2Q17 MLPs: Sentiment v. Fundamentals

Yorkville explores the battle between strong fundamentals and extremely negative sentiment surrounding the energy sector and provides our outlook for MLPs for the balance of 2017.


MLPs: Covering New Strategy Launches, Trump’s Taxes and Frac Sand

Yorkville formally introduced two new strategies (Yorkville MLP High Income Strategy and Yorkville Energy Infrastructure Strategy). We also discussed the potential impact of Trump's proposed tax reform and the developments taking place in the rapidly growing frac sand industry.


MLPs: Come for the Yield, Stay for the Growth

Yorkville discusses several developing factors which are bullish for the long term outlook for MLPs and why we believe Growth MLPs may outperform the broader asset class over the next few years, as they did between 2009 and 2016.


MLPs - 2017 Outlook & 2016 Fundamental Review

Yorkville Capital Management reviews the current state of the energy MLP market and offer our insights into the impact that the proposed OPEC production freeze may have on the global oil markets.


2Q16 Fundamental Review & 2016 Outlook

Yorkville Capital Management reviews the second quarter of 2016 for MLPs and provides insight and analysis for the asset class' prospects for 2016.


1Q16 Fundamental Review & 2016 Outlook

Yorkville Capital Management reviews the first quarter of 2016 for MLPs and provides insight and analysis for the asset class' prospects for 2016.


2016 MLP Outlook and Fundamental Review

Yorkville Capital Management reviews the fourth quarter of 2015 for MLPs and provides insight and analysis for the asset class' prospects for 2016.


MLPs 2Q15 Outlook & Fundamental Review

Yorkville Capital Management reviews the second quarter of 2015 for MLPs and provides insight and analysis for the asset class' future.

June 2015

Optimize Your MLP Exposure via Distribution Growth

Darren Schuringa, CIO of Yorkville Capital Management explains the benefits of adding growth oriented master limited partnerships (MLPs) to diversified portfolios. It is estimated that an additional $1 trillion in energy infrastructure spending will be needed in the United States over the next decade. MLPs will be the primary beneficiaries of this build out, watch our webinar to learn why growth matters!


MLPs 1Q15 Outlook & Fundamental Review

Yorkville Capital Management reviews the first quarter of 2015 for MLPs and provides insight and analysis for the asset class' future. Yorkville is pleased to introduce the James Alpha Yorkville MLP Fund which invests based on the firm's flagship MLP Core Income Strategy.


MLPs - Why Invest Now?

U.S. energy infrastructure MLPs posted positive performance of 14% in 2014. Meanwhile, other energy related sectors dropped between 8% and 29% during the year. Why did MLPs post positive returns when oil prices dropped 50% from their highs and other energy sectors got crushed? It was primarily due to the lack of correlation between MLP fundamentals and oil prices. Low correlations are a primary reason why investors looking for high, stable and growing income streams should consider investing in MLPs today.


MLPs Recent Plunge Not Tied to Fundamentals

From September 1st through October 14th, MLPs suffered their worst pullback since the financial crisis, losing 16 percent in value. The drop in MLPs coincided with a similar 22 percent drop in oil prices. However, MLPs have historically exhibited little to no correlation to crude oil over the longer term. Fundamentally, MLP distributions have consistently grown amidst fluctuating prices for both oil and natural gas. Buying MLPs on the dips has proven to be a good investment strategy.

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Ahead of the Curve: Upgrading MLP Exposure to Distribution Growth Leaders

Yorkville MLP Distribution Growth Leaders position your portfolio for rising interest rates ahead of the curve. The primary benefits of distribution growth: (1) Hedge Against Inflation (2) Protection Against Rising Interest Rates (3) Improves Income Quality and (4) Drives Price Appreciation.


U.S. Energy Production Growth Benefits MLPs

In 2013, U.S. crude oil production reached its highest level since 1989, producing approximately an average of 7.5 billion barrels per day. This level of production represented an increase of 15% versus the prior year, the largest annual percentage increase in domestic production since 1940. On this quarter's webinar, the Yorkville team will discuss how the rapid growth of U.S. energy production from new energy frontiers is changing the MLPs landscape and improving growth prospects.


The Key to MLP Investing: Distribution Growth

View the webinar today to find out how distribution growth is critical to successful MLP investing and our outlook for MLPs in the rest of 2014.


Finding Value in MLPs in 2014

In 2013, MLPs once again posted strong performance despite rising interest rates. The strong relative and absolute performance of MLPs hinges on superior distribution growth. View the webinar today to identify where to find value in MLPs in 2014.


MLPs: Fueling the U.S. Energy Revolution

View our "MLPs Fueling the U.S. Energy Revolution" webinar slide deck as we analyze the impact of the U.S. becoming the world's largest producer of oil and natural gas on MLPs, the quality and growth of MLP distributions in the 3Q 2013, and overall asset class performance. We will also examine a rapidly expanding and little understood segment of the asset class - variable distribution MLPs.


What Happens to MLPs When Interest Rates Rise?

Rising interest rates are generally seen as a negative for yield-oriented equities like MLPs. However, Yorkville analyzed recent periods of rising 10-year treasury yields and found that MLPs produced positive total returns in each of the three most recent periods (+85.6%, +13.5%, +1.0%). MLPs are able to overcome increasing rates because MLPs are able to grow their distributions over time, unlike bonds. Of the six periods of rising interest rates over the past twenty years that Yorkville analyzed, MLPs had a positive total return in 5 of them. View the slide deck to find out more.