Strategic Partners


Fidelity Investments is the primary custodian of our client's assets. Yorkville selected Fidelity to administer our custody, settlement and back- office operations in order to provide our clients with greater security and protection. Fidelity's custody accounts are insured by Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) and by Customer Asset Protection Company (CAPCO). Client asset held by Fidelity are not exposed to any operational risk nor can custody statements be changed by Yorkville Capital. Our partnership with Fidelity frees us to focus on our core competency of managing, not administering, assets.


Fiserv provides Yorkville with portfolio management, risk analytics, trading, performance, reporting and accounting software. This suite of services forms the core of Yorkville's business operations. Fiserv has over 25 years of experience in this industry and serves over 16,000 clients.



PerTrac Investment Solutions provides Yorkville with performance reporting and risk analytics software enabling us to generate performance analytics reports for each of our strategies. This is another example of Yorkville using an independent third party to guarantee the integrity of the performance data we report.


Thomson Reuters

YCM subscribes to Thomson Reuters to provide live security pricing, quotes and market moving news from around the world using Reuters Trader. This enables us to monitor the performance of our investments in real time from our desktops or laptops. We also subscribe to Reuters Knowledge a web-based source for fundamental data specific to any given company, industry, or market . This resource is also used to aggregate broker research onto a single platform so as to streamline our research process. Reuters is Yorkville's primary data source for our proprietary risk management models.


Yorkville subscribes to Bloomberg for fundamental data and news. Bloomberg Professional is a leading solution for Asset Managers providing the most comprehensive and advanced set of financial data, real time market coverage, news, analytic tools, portfolio solutions and research. Bloomberg's comprehensive financial database spans the global markets offering company fundamentals and estimates, in-depth industry data points, and performance breakdown by product line and geographic region, as well as reported data. Bloomberg supports full data transparency to enable users to validate financial data points by tracking them back to the original source document. Market coverage crosses all asset classes, combining equities, futures, options, fixed income and currency markets and others ensuring that users have a complete investment solution. Bloomberg is Yorkville's primary data source for our proprietary research models.