MLP Composites

+ Since: 12/31/1999

Yorkville MLP Universe IndexYMLPU0.0%-3.0%-8.2%-4.5%
Yorkville MLP Commodity Universe IndexYCOMU0.0%-2.6%-9.0%-9.3%
Yorkville MLP Infrastructure Universe IndexYINFU0.0%-3.0%-8.1%-3.9%
S&P 500SPX0.0%1.0%3.5%9.7%

* Annualized Total Returns as of 6/16/2017

MLP Indexes

Yorkville's MLP Universe Indexes are arguably the most accurate way for investors to track performance and fundamentals of the MLP asset class. Our Universe Indices employ an inclusive methodology - they track the entire population of MLPs versus a sample of MLPs like other benchmarks. Our inclusive methodology means Yorkville's Universe Indexes are completely objective, transparent, and representative.

MLP Sectors
Name Ticker QTD YTD 1 Yr. Ann.
3 Yr.
Yield EV/ EBITDA TD/TC # of Constituents Market Cap. (Total) Market Cap. (Average) Market Cap. (Median)
Refined Product PipelinesYRPPT-8.0%-2.9%-2.1%-1.4%6.3%14.360%10$42,519$4,252$2,491
Gathering & ProcessingYGGNP-6.6%2.1%23.0%-9.1%6.6%13.542%17$105,097$6,182$2,491
Natural Gas PipelinesYNGLP-4.8%-1.8%0.8%-5.4%6.4%14.945%11$121,537$11,049$4,375
Crude Oil PipelinesYOILP-14.4%-14.7%-5.7%-15.2%8.1%14.857%11$43,311$3,937$3,403
Marine TransportationYTRAN-14.6%-6.2%14.6%-25.1%9.1%7.957%10$6,613$661$573
Natural ResourcesYNATR-7.5%-9.6%10.2%-17.6%7.4%7.051%13$8,200$631$570
Exploration & Production YEXNP-9.9%-12.0%-10.4%-49.3%7.0%18.150%7$5,498$785$274
Energy Services YESVC-24.0%-25.3%-6.5%-31.8%7.4%8.858%7$3,711$530$301
General Partners YGENP-12.0%-7.3%23.4%-10.7%5.3%18.757%9$46,683$5,187$3,687

* Total Returns as of 6/16/2017

MLP Specialty Indexes

Yorkville MLP Distribution Growth Leaders Index

The Yorkville MLP Distribution Growth Leaders Index tracks the 20 MLPs which exhibit the highest quality distribution growth characteristics. It is rebalanced quarterly


+ Since: 3/31/2008