MLP Education

It is Yorkville's goal to educate investors on the investment characteristics of Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs). MLPs are an exciting and rapidly growing alternative asset class that offer high current income, growing distributions, the potential for price appreciation, and low correlations to equities, commodities, and fixed income. Yorkville recognizes that MLPs are largely an unknown and a misunderstood asset class. This means that U.S. energy infrastructure via MLPs is generally underrepresented in both individual and institutional portfolio allocations.

The Benefits of Various MLP Investment Vehicles

MLPs on the Efficient Frontier

The Importance of Distribution Growth in MLP Investing

MLPs Excess Cash Flow = Distribution Growth

What are Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs)?

MLPs are equities that trade on the New York Stock Exchange. They are structured as partnerships versus corporations for U.S. tax purposes. MLPs are operating companies that invest primarily in U.S. energy infrastructure. They offer all the benefits of investing in infrastructure (uncorrelated returns and higher yields) with the liquidity of investing in publicly traded equities.

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The Benefits of Investing in Master Limited Partnerships

The U.S. Energy Revolution

Master Limited Partnerships An Asset Class in Growth Mode