Idea Generation

Yorkville monitors and screens the entire universe of publicly traded U.S. energy infrastructure equities. Our quantitative models identify investment opportunities with above-average return and below-average risk characteristics.

MLP Investing Pioneers

Yorkville's investment team has been investing in U.S. energy infrastructure through master limited partnerships (MLPs) since the early 1990s, near the inception of the asset class. Our team has one of the longest audited investment track records investing in MLPs. Over the years, we have researched and invested in every type of MLP. We have leveraged this body of knowledge into proprietary models that enhance our research and portfolio risk management capabilities.

Yorkville MLP Universe Indices

Yorkville has developed the most comprehensive suite of MLP indices. Our MLP Universe Indices allow us to monitor and track the entire population of publicly traded partnerships. Our in-depth index work allows us to quickly identify changing fundamentals, capitalize on investment opportunities and avoid potential problems across the asset class.

Yorkville Fundamental Rating System

YCM has used its twenty years of successfully researching and investing in U.S. energy infrastructure to develop a series of algorithms that rate partnerships based on a series of business fundamentals. These proprietary multi-factor models quantitatively screen the Yorkville MLP Universe Indices and identify partnerships with superior fundamentals.

Yorkville Investment Attractiveness Score

Yorkville consolidates the fundamental ratings across multiple metrics into a single Investment Attractiveness Score for each partnership. We use this score to compare the relative attractiveness of investment opportunities across the asset class and rank the various partnerships from the most to least attractive.