Aligned Interests

Capital Invested

Yorkville Capital believes that there is no greater way to align the interest of our clients with our own than by investing alongside them. This ensures that our clients are invested in our best ideas. Equally important, it means we share in the risks of our investment decisions.

Objective Compensation

Yorkville Capital understands that compensation directs behavior. This is why we spent a great deal of time developing a compensation structure that motivates our team members to focus on the tasks most likely to lead to investment success - which ultimately leads to the firm's success.

Yorkville’s compensation structures:

  • clear - easy to understand how one is compensated, so that it directs the desired behaviors;
  • objective - measurable and formulaic, so that it is easy to calculate potential compensation;
  • fair - based on things over which a person has control over, so that it does not demotivate;
  • focused - targeting activities that maximize the potential payoff; and
  • aligned - with the interests of our clients and the firm, so that an individual can not benefit at the expense of either.

The basis of Yorkville's compensation structure is to align the investment objectives of our strategies with employee compensation. It is designed to promote team work and the sharing of ideas without killing the entrepreneurial spirit and accountability. The primary driver of our compensation structure is Yorkville's incentive fee, which is paid when we deliver superior investment returns.